Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Monday

I just finished another of the Shih Tzu cards. This pattern is one of my best sellers. I finally was able to get a photo that shows the dimension of the stitching. He was really fun to stitch and ready for a new home. You'll find him in my Etsy shop.  SOLD

I'm working now on this candle mat. This one  pictured was made for a giveaway so I'll be making another one of my shop. Its called In My Garden and is from Primitive Stitches. A little primitive but nice for a garden table.

As you may know, right behind our garden and yard is a busy street. The street was only a two lane road when we moved in some 10 years ago but its been widened and now is quite busy. As our property is lower than the street, people could look over the wall into our back yard which was not a little annoying at times.
 To make a long story short, a tall wall is now being built, some 12 ft. which is blocking much of the noise. Its taken some time, at first, they said 2 weeks but its been over a month. Its done now and we're waiting for them to remove the chain link fence that was put up to give us some security until it was finished.The contractors were very nice and are even replacing some of the plants that died, put in a complete drip irrigation system and also just because, they're going to clean our patio area of all the dust from the construction, plus plant two Valencia orange trees as a thank you gift. We were assured that these type of oranges would grow here and I hope they're right.

There's the chain link and the wall..the chain link is over 6ft. so you can see how tall the wall is. Everything is very dry here because of the drought.
I'm tired of all the dust and dirt that this has caused. Even our solar panels are effected. But we're both  happy with the fact that the noise level has been reduced and we have a sense of privacy. Its really an answer to prayer as a few years ago when they widened the road, the entire neighborhood put a petition in to the city for a higher wall which was denied. God does answer prayer!