Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Venting and Ebay

 Our locksmith business has been dying a slow death so I'm trying to help out a little if possible.
As most of my readers know, we are on Social Security and try to supplement to be able to pay our bills and do have the bad habit of eating.  In fact, we applied for food stamps and we  were just sent a card and I felt relieved. However, the next day, we got a letter saying the total amount the state would pay us for food was a whopping $15.00 a month.   I called the worker but she was unhelpful.
So don't believe the media when they say that food stamps are easy to get! Life is very tough for seniors.
Anyway, enough of venting. God is in control and I know He will open a new door for us!
We're both now Ebay sellers and I hope you will stop by our auctions and see what we come up with.

Alan sells stamps and collectable items. His name on Ebay is proe_designer .right now he has some nice souvenir sheets if you like stamps or know someone who does. He has 100% positive feedback.

My auctions are under China Lake Auctions. I also have 100% positive feedback and have sold on Ebay since 1999. I just have a few things for now listed including some of my red work towels, and these nice vintage duck table set with a matching candle plate....I bought them on ebay some time ago and now they need a new home. They were made back in the 50s but look like new so pretty and glossy.

                                                  Very nice for a summer tablescape!