Saturday, June 13, 2015

New Dog Rescue and Lexi

We got a call to do a lock repair job yesterday in Nuevo, a rural area north of us. Unknown to us, it turned out to be a very fun and interesting job.
As we worked,  we realized,it was a dog rescue, Miracle Animal Rescue Center! Susanne and her partner Pat run the operation. They are very nice people who love animals.  Please click on the link to see their new website. As they're just in the early stages of the rescue, they need our help and I hope to promote them at least once a week or so. I'll be sharing a dog of the week as I did before the the Sun City Rescue.

As we worked, this large gentle German Shepherd mix sat patiently outside with a huge ball in her mouth wanting to play. She's a gentle giant and I tired out long before she did throwing the ball!

Talking with Susanne, Lexi does better in a one dog household and would be perfect with older children. She loves loves her ball and to play.

          If you go to the website, she even has her own video of her playing with her horse toy. Just click on the adoptable dog link there.

They need much in the way of supplies and help. Susanne told me they need volunteers to just play with the dogs to help socialize them. If you live in the area, and would like to volunteer your time. Please go the website and contact either Susanne or Pat for more information.
They also need funds for food, vet bills and shelter costs so if you'd like to donate to this worthwhile rescue you can do that also.