Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A "New" desk and Canning Soup

Our son found these darling little desk at an estate sale for the amazing price of nothing. Evidently, they just wanted to get rid of it but their loss is our gain. It does need a little work to repair some damage. We plan on giving it some new stain to cover up some light scratching and a few other minor repairs, I think its going to be useful for coming in the front door. The bottom cabinet has 3 shelves inside, a good place for paperbacks!

The tomatoes this year have been doing gang busters. I already canned 5 quarts of tomato soup for the fall and next will be canned tomatoes. Here is the recipe for the tomato soup. Its really delicious and so nice for a fall day.

14 quarts ripe tomatoes (Comes to about 3 lbs of tomatoes per qt)
7 medium-sized onions
1 stalk celery
14 sprigs parsley
3 bay leaves
14 tablespoons butter
14 tablespoons flour
3 tablespoons salt
8 tablespoons sugar
2 teaspoons pepper


Wash; cut up tomatoes (no need to peel them). Chop onions, celery. parsley & bay leaves. Add to tomatoes; cook until celery is tender. Put through a sieve. Put mixture back into pot. Rub flour & butter into smooth paste thinned with tomato juice. Add to BOILING soup; stir to prevent burning. Add salt, sugar and pepper. For a smoother consistency put through sieve again ( I never do this) Fill clean  jars to within one (1) inch of top of jar. Wipe of the rims, put on caps, screwing the band tight. Process in hot water bath 30 minutes. Start timing when it is at a rolling boil...
A bit of work but well worth it as once you taste this, canned soup is just not the same!