Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Chat and some Funnies

Our weather has turned into fall like temperatures, in the 70s with cool nights. I love it! We have 4 seasons here, but they're far more subtle than other places in the country. The only season I dislike is our summers as they can be smokin' hot. The fall and winter are usually wonderful.

Yesterday I planted some zucchini squash in one of  the raised beds. Its a gamble but thought I'd try it. If we have a wet winter, they'll probably be gonners but that's ok as we surely need rain. If we don't get rain, we'll have some nice squash in early December. So its a win either way it goes.

Yes, my son is doing fine with the motorized bike. I do hope he gets his car fixed soon though!

Now, I think its time for some funnies!

                                                  Hope everyone has a great week!