Monday, September 22, 2014

A Early Autumn Monday

Here's our Jayden..all of 3 years old. He decided he wanted his photo taken (finally!).  He's been having alot of fun playing video games, mostly Toy Story. He loves Woody and plays the train game on the disc the most.  He still plays with the Octonaut set that his uncle gave him for his birthday too.

We're so glad its cooling down. We had a rough few weeks with triple digit heat. Now it gets around 80 during the warmest part of the days with cool nights in the 60s. The kids even wear jackets at night now as we're so used to warm weather, anything less than 70 feels cold. Silly, I know but that's life in the desert.
With the fall quickly coming, I got in the mood to make an apple pie.

The color isn't true on this photo. It was actually a very pretty golden brown. I decorated the top using leaf cooky cutters from a set that Alan got for me last year. We hope to get up to Oak Glen again during Apple Month to get a box or two of apples for lots of pies and applesauce for the winter.

Business has been slow and everyone here has had car problems. Mostly tires but our youngest son's car broke down completely. I've been taking and picking him up from work but today he decided to ride a motorized bike he built. I've have to learn not to worry (fat chance!) I pray the Lord will look after him and bring him home safely. Its hard with adult children and just let the Lord do His will in their lives. Doing alot of praying!