Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Amazing 105 year old film

I belong  to a group on Facebook, called You Know you're from Oceanside..and someone posted this wonderful old 105 year old film. The film was taken in San Fransico, Ca 4 days before the massive earthquake. It was sent on the train to be developed back east the same day so missed being destroyed. I find it amazing and wanted to share a glimpse into the past with you.

Imagine being on the street car, riding along in 1906. My grandparents were married in 1905. This film is a glimpse of a life they would have been familiar with and probably would have enjoyed traveling on the cable car. The bell tower you seen in the distance still exists.
The camera was mounted on the front of a cable car for the film.

Just think, at this time there was no income tax and you didn't have to even have a drivers license, which explains how everyone was driving at the time. Rather chaotic!

     My grandparents in 1905.