Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fall Decorating and Old Photos

We started our fall decorating and I sure like this pumpkin I bought from Brenda at her Rusty Thimble etsy shop.   
I poked a skewer in the bottom so it would sit up in the box that Alan attached to this washboard. I just love how it turned out. The crow I got from Michaels and I'm thinking of getting another one, They only sell these around Halloween.

I like easy crafts..I'm thinking of doing this one as it would only take a few minutes. The photos are self explanatory.

Alan's been posting old photos on Facebook. Here are two of them..the first is me looking out the train window in England back in the 80s when we visited my brother who was stationed there.

and the second is the one that got the most comments, even though its not in good focus. My brother and I sitting waiting for the underground to take us to London.

     It was a wonderful trip and one we'll always remember.   Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!