Friday, May 2, 2014

Organizing, Hot Days and Changes

I've been busy for the last two days organizing my craft supplies and going through things I've kept but will probably never do. I've got skeins of floss scattered throughout so am gathering it up. Organizing it isn't difficult but time consuming. I like to organize my floss in these little plastic boxes according to color.I can see what colors I need to get, right now I'm low in brown tones so today, I bought a brown lot of DMC floss on Ebay. I'm also getting more metallic thread which I'll organize separately. I'm only about 1/3 done as I still have to go through my crafting boxes, and a cabinet. Phew!
I've been experimenting framing one of the stitched cards so see how it looks.

I think it looks kinda cute. Going to put this in the main bathroom which has a black/ white green theme.

We've also started repairing the house. Mainly painting.After 8 years, the walls need to be painted. With the new washer/dryer, Alan painted the laundry area and it looks so nice. He's going to be painting the rest of the hallway, the woodwork and bedroom doors. Our boarder, Josh is moving out in the next day or so and our youngest son Matt is moving back home. That room will be painted next, hopefully in the next couple of days. Matt has been living on his own for well over a year but decided to move back to save money. We will miss Josh, he's been with us almost 3 years and has become like  a member of the family. Having a boarder can be a good experience if you find the right person.  Josh is moving in with family, his grandmother and uncle.
 The weather here has been hot and windy. The past two days have been really bad with smoke from the fires up north of us. The sky was brown with smoke and some ash. The wind was in the 40-60 range and we have much debris in the yards, both front and back. The wind blew all the dead branches out of the large trees in the front so it was littered with them plus lots of dead leaves from last year. Still having to clean up that mess too. The fires were well over 50 miles from us but the heavy winds drove the smoke our way.

That's about all the news in our neck of the woods!


nancy huggins said...

Love the kitty picture and also the BD card you stitched for me for my DIL.Haven't heard from her yet but am sure I will

20 North Ora said...

That photo of the kitten is so cute! I too, organized my embroidery thread. I get so upset if one number is off. My husband says that is the most organized part of my life - and he's right. LOL I am new to your blog and your newest follower.


Gert said...

Hi Dani.. Good for you! Organization is such a good thing! And feels so good! (Do you think good is the only word in my vocabulary? Lol) please stay safe! Love the kitty photo!