Saturday, May 17, 2014

More Fire News and Pinterest

Yesterday afternoon the smoke from the fires really settled into our valley and the air was full of the acrid smell of fire. Rather awful really. It was so strong we went outside and looked around as it felt like our house was on fire. Thankfully that wasn't the case. Warnings were put out to stay inside and if you had asthma to have your inhaler close by.

As I type this, most of the fires are out now which we are all thankful for. The air is much cleaner now too with no smoke smell anymore. All of the fires were in San Diego county, none that I am aware of in Riverside county.  Most of the fire that effected us was from the Camp Pendleton fire. Fires are common on the base as they sometimes use live rounds which set off brush fires. They have their own fire department which is very good.

Its been very hot, summer temperatures! In the high 90s and low 100s. We've had to turn on our AC unit which we don't like to but its almost a necessity. None of our roses are blooming, they stop when it gets this hot. According to the weather report, our temps should get back to normal in a day or so. Usually this time of year, its still in spring temperatures of 70 or so.  We've been harvesting peas which are a delight and the tomato plants are blooming so it won't be too long for them. Alan planted green beans but they're not  up yet.

 I'm on Pinterest and thought I'd share a couple of neat things I've found.

                             I found this on Hometalk and thought it was a great idea.

Below is a tutorial for a Cathedral Window pincushion. I've made Cathedral window ornaments before so it is a fun project. 

and lastly..make a place for the birds to snack. I always put out water for them, especially in this hot weather. I've seen these vintage snack sets at the thrift shop for pennies and wondered what I'd do with a set. Now I know! I found this on Home Talk too.


                  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!