Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Wash and A few Local Photos

We received our new washer/dryer  this weekend and we're  happy so far. The washer cleans well although its a little loud. The dryer is great also. They both have energy savers which we use too. Right now I'm soaking some white towels in Oxiclean. When Alan removed the old lines from the washer attachment hose, the pipe cracked inside the wall, and we had water pouring out from the baseboards. I threw down the first towels I could find,( naturally they're white) while Alan ran outside and turned off the water main. He had to open the drywall and replace the pipe that broke. Then he put in new drywall, and decided to go ahead and repaint the entire laundry area. We don't have a laundry room, just a pass through to the garage. He did a wonderful job and no one would ever know there had been a problem. I married a very handy guy!

I thought you'd enjoy these lovely photographs of our little town of Menifee. A local photographer, Amy Medina took these and shared them on Facebook.

Yes, there are many areas in Southern California that aren't concreted over, at least not yet!