Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Swap

Nancy Huggins just sent me these nice place mats that she stitched. I'd been wanting to replace the ones I had before as they were getting shabby. I love country checks. I didn't bother to iron them to see how they looked on the table. I'm trading them for one of my stitcheries...

and some mice..

 The pattern is from Stag Lane primitives who you can find on Ebay and also Pattern Mart. I haven't made the mice in some time but they're really realistic. Fun to tuck into a bookshelf or use in unexpected ways.
I'm always open to swaps!

Our weather has cooled down and is very nice right now. We've been gardening and pulling alot of weeds. Weeding takes up much of the gardening work now. Alan pulled out all the onions and I've dried about two quarts so far. Nice to have to throw into soups and stews. I put the dehydrator outside as it stinks so bad with the onions and it worked out great.  We're going to put in more tomato plants where the onions were. I want enough to make more tomato soup later.
I'm thinking of closing down my other Home Sweet Stitchery blog as I just don't have time to devote any more for two blogs. If there is any links or anything on there you'd like to save, please do so. I'll keep it up until the end of the month.