Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday Chat

If you entered my giveaway last month, our winner was Judy Mc Garry and her card is on its way to her as I post this. If you didn't win, another giveaway will be starting by tomorrow.

We are continuing to do spring cleaning and I have my mind planning re arranging the living room furniture. It will depend on if I can the male members of the family engaged as the pieces are too heavy for me to move myself. Our youngest son is moving back in and will be bringing us a nice sectional sofa which is in better condition than the ones we're using now. Our leather sofa we had was destroyed in our house fire so we've been using cast offs. He has a nice glass table too with chairs which  we may put on our patio as we could use more seating out there. It has a black wrought iron frame so would be ok, I think.

We've had rain this week which is always a blessing. Mostly raining at night and the garden is doing very well indeed. The plants seem to do so much better with natural rain. Our peas are up and taking off and I plan on planting the zucchini next before it gets too hot.

  It rained so much, it flooded the patio as you can see.

      The iris are blooming!