Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Happenings

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and a great week. Its been warm and sunny here. Our garden is doing well.
We were able to have funds to get a new washer and dryer which will come this weekend. We looked around for sales and found a good one at our local Lowes. By going online, we also saved an additional $140 by finding another store that was selling them cheaper. Lowes matched the price plus we're getting a mail in $100 rebate. It really pays to do a little research!

We opted for the normal agitator type washer, not the high efficiency ones, one because of cost and also because of the online reviews. Simple is better, I think.

I also made my first strawberry pie of the season! I found this recipe online and its very good. I really like the crust as its more like a sugar cooky. Just click on the link and enjoy. There's even a colorful video.

The only substitution I made was Splenda instead of sugar. I didn't have any almond flavoring either but it wasn't noticed. The only other things I've been up to is stitching a few cards. This is one of my favorites. I've got some new ones in the works, teapot and cups, a New Home one and more.