Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Happenings

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and a great week. Its been warm and sunny here. Our garden is doing well.
We were able to have funds to get a new washer and dryer which will come this weekend. We looked around for sales and found a good one at our local Lowes. By going online, we also saved an additional $140 by finding another store that was selling them cheaper. Lowes matched the price plus we're getting a mail in $100 rebate. It really pays to do a little research!

We opted for the normal agitator type washer, not the high efficiency ones, one because of cost and also because of the online reviews. Simple is better, I think.

I also made my first strawberry pie of the season! I found this recipe online and its very good. I really like the crust as its more like a sugar cooky. Just click on the link and enjoy. There's even a colorful video.

The only substitution I made was Splenda instead of sugar. I didn't have any almond flavoring either but it wasn't noticed. The only other things I've been up to is stitching a few cards. This is one of my favorites. I've got some new ones in the works, teapot and cups, a New Home one and more.


Sherri said...

Ooh girl I will love to see your teapot items! Be blessed with a great weekend!

papel1 said...

I took your handmade cards including the one here pictured to sewing class and my friends just loved them and really ooed and awed. We had a lot of rain today. I am with you. I prefer the old style washing machine.

Kathy said...

We have a very small house and can get only an apartment sized washer and dryer down the cellar steps. It's so hard to find them and there is NEVER a sale. You did good on yours.

That strawberry pie looks very good!

Carmen C. said...

I agree Dani, simple is always better! Love the card and that pie is beautiful, can only imagine what it tastes like :P hope you have a wonderful weekend !!!

AndreaC said...

You are smarter than you realize to get a regular washer and dryer. The energy saving ones do not wash well! Me (and some other women) started noticing that our bath and dish towels began smelling after sitting. This energy savings is (I believe) gov't mandated. It is like the light bulbs...not as good. I have a regular cycle on mine, so I always use that now. I don't use the energy saving cycles. to look at your pie recipe! Andrea

AndreaC said...

p.s...I almost forgot...these new washers do not have a tall agitator in the middle. My loads (when I use a regular cycle, that isn't energy-saving) is always going off-balance. The washer will then stop and give a little beep that is very annoying as I have to run down to my laundry room and re-distribute my clothes. It has a hard time with clothes of different weights. I seem to hear the beep now when it isn't even beeping! Anyway, you are lucky to find yours, as I think in the future they will not be found!