Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring and Emma's birthday!

Spring has sprung here. Its been in the high 70s all week and everything is blooming outside. Our nectarine tree and the strawberry beds. I hope we can have a home grown  strawberry pie this year but have my doubts as both the dogs jump into the beds and eat them. We've put up barriers so hope they work!
Yesterday we put in marigolds throughout the planted beds. The potato bed is really growing so we hope the flowers will keep the potato worms away. Nasty things.
This week we celebrated Emma's first birthday. It was celebrated at Chucky Cheese.. There were about 30 of the family there, mostly from her mamas side.

The restaurant was very noisy but Emma took it all in style. Here she is with the bib that Nancy Huggins sent her. She ate pizza and a birthday cupcake. She really loves cheese pizza!