Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Potatoes and More

As we had hoped, the rain really kick started the potato plants...

Everything's coming up spuds!
These are red potatoes which are one of our favorites. 
The onions are getting larger too and I'm looking forward to onion rings one of these days.
Yesterday was Emma Grace's 1st birthday!
She smiles constantly but can Grandma get a photo of her beautiful smiling face? Of course not.
Please pray her sweet Mama as she's in the hospital. Yesterday Samantha started feeling poorly and my son took her to emergency. Turned out she had appendicitis and went into surgery last night. He was with her all night and then had to go to work this morning. She's better today but it will take a few days to recover.

We went to the county hospital pharmacy and got Alan's meds today and had lunch in the hospital cafeteria. It was yummy, Reuben sandwiches. We ate them outside and enjoyed the view of snow capped mountains.
I tried to get a photo in the parking lot....

I believe these are the Big Bear mountains. As our weather has warmed up into the 80s today, the snow won't last long!