Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Easter Goodies


When I was a teen, I adored chocolate and ate way too much. Over time, there are only about two things in chocolate, I get a hankering for at times, Snickers and also Rocky Road bars. There is something so good about marshmallow and chocolate together. Seeing these chocolate dipped Peeps really seemed yummy to me. Peeps by themselves, not so much although my youngest son loves them.
Rather than copying out the recipe here, I'll just give you the link. I found this on Pinterest and its from  Tastes Better From Scratch  I know the grandchildren and also the young adults will love these. I might sneak one or two myself!
Nancy Huggins sent me a complete gingerbread house kit some time ago and with everything else, I haven't put it together but think I will for Easter. I'm getting some inspiration again from Pinterest.

                          Don't know if ours will look as nice as these, but it will be fun to try!