Saturday, November 30, 2013

What We've Been doing and an Apology

Hope everyone had a nice and thankful holiday. I didn't know if we'd be able to have a big Thanksgiving dinner and the Lord supplied our needs overflowing with good things! Friends dropped by unexpectedly with a turkey, and trimmings and we got checks on Thanksgiving eve. It was a wonderful experience and for which we are so thankful.
Now it will be the Christmas season, some of you are decorating this weekend, others are thinking about it. I will have changed my blog template for a holiday theme by the time you read this. Its hard to decide which one to use but hopefully I made the right choice. I already decorated my
Sweet Home Stitchery blog with a Christmas background... I also shared on there with photos of the stitched cards I've been making.

We usually wait until the second week of December or so to do the house and then keep everything up until New Years. If you'd like a good site for recipes, ideas for inexpensive food gifts, etc. I recommend Razzle Dazzle Recipes

I want to apologize if you came to my blog in the last day and seen ads..some of which were not appropriate. Evidently, I downloaded something in the last day and with that app, comes tons of garbage programs in which I have no interest. Beware,, especially if you click express downloading, there are pages of hidden apps on it. Be careful what you download. It took my husband who knows computers several hours to figure out what had happened. I was going to name the download site but don't want to get into trouble!But it had to do with music and tunes.

Our weather has been very nice and why so many come during the winter months. Days are in the high 60s, low 70s with cool nights in the 40s. We've had some rain which I personally hope continues through the winter. The onions and squash I planted are all doing good and with the rain we've had, I've now got 90 onions coming up!!