Sunday, November 3, 2013

Apple Pie and Etsy Offerings

I made a apple pie the other day, so much better than anything you can buy. Sugar free, of course. Its just the normal pie recipe, nothing special really but I added Splenda to it. We haven't been able to go to our favorite apple country place as we just haven't been busy enough with work but the grocery store had apples on sale so that's what I used. I used Jona Gold apples which  turned out well. The crust turned out ok, I think I'll add less Crisco next time though as it was a little short and broke when I put on the top crust. Still tasted yummy though!

I also added a few things to my Etsy shop, these nice carved votive candle holders

These two handmade wooden kitties made in Thailand,

and lastly, this darling woolen Welsh sheep I bought when we visited Wales back in the 1980s. SOLD!
The name of my shop is Inspiration Memories  

Hope everyone gets adjusted to the time change!