Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Road Trip and an Etsy Shop

Yesterday we had a lock out job in Lakeside, California. We both like Lakeside, its a rural town southeast of San Diego. A horse and rodeo town. I snapped this marker as we stopped for a break before going on to the property.
Of course, Lakeside has a lake and its a very nice one. We had to wait for the sheriff and other people to arrive (we always seem to get to places early) so walked around the lake and I took a few photos.

There were many people walking around the trails and fishing. There were quite a few birds around including these pelicans!

Lots of ducks too...some of them were Pekin ducks like our Mrs. Quack whom we lost several years ago. They were all sleeping together as a flock.

There was incredible traffic driving down to the town and coming back but the town itself was very nice indeed. 

I always wanted to share an Etsy shop that I think is the

If  this ornament isn't the cutest!
The shop is called RockPaperScissors



Terra said...

I like cowboy and Western towns, and the lake is pretty.

Kathy said...

Such a pretty place. I loved looking at these pictures.

The owl is cute. I have to check this etsy shop out.

papel1 said...

Very nice photos. Like us you enjoy rural towns. California does have a lot of nice places to visit.

rockriverstitches said...

Thank you for sharing my Primitive Owl Ornie from my Etsy Shop, Rock River Stitches.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!
Tammy of Rock River Stitches

RETA said...

Very nice BlogSpot. Thanks for writing. This is a wonderful time of year to take drives and enjoy seeing new things.

Simply Shelley said...

Looks like a very nice place to visit...though such a long way from me :) Going to check out the shop...blessings