Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cold days, the Hospital and Insurance.

Its been getting rather chilly here in the mornings. We haven't turned our furnace on yet for the year but usually we don't need to until after the holidays. January and February are our coldest (and wettest) months. Brrrr! I'm wondering how the winter garden will do as we have two squash plants and about 20 onions growing. I put 60 onions in the ground so more should be coming up too. Of course, us Southern Californians have thin blood and 60 degrees feels really cold to me. We're used to 90 degree temps most days!

 Some of the mountains have some snow on them, not quite as snowy as this photo which was taken this last January but close.
We spent the last two days up at the hospital getting Alan's needed diabetic meds and supplies. We figured it would take about two hours but ended up taking 8. Four hours on Monday and four yesterday. Two of his prescriptions were expired so we had to go to our doctors office and request refills which took time. Then had to go back and get in line (for the second time) to turn the prescriptions in. They use a number system but people kept going up to the front ahead of us out of turn and it took twice as long. While we were waiting at the doctors office, her nurse came out and asked Alan when was the last time he'd had a blood test and as it had been last Feb. the doctor required another one with a 14 hr. fast. That was the first day. So yesterday we went up for the blood test and to pick up the prescriptions. In order to get the lab work done, he had to wait in another line and get out a patient registration blue plastic card. Then go to the lab with all the paperwork and wait again.

Afterwords we went to the hospital cafeteria for lunch. The food there is a mixed bag, sometimes its really good, other times not so much. Yesterday was one of the good days, I got chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. It was very yummy. He got vegetarian lasagna and stir-fried vegetables. He eats fairly well on the diabetic diet and watches his carbs. I usually do too but splurged yesterday. Hadn't had any breakfast and just had salad for dinner.

We're always thankful though to have this insurance as before we spent several scary nights in the emergency room with his blood sugar sky rocketing.
 My insurance is changing as I got a letter saying they're putting me into Medicaid this next year. I believe I can still go to the same doctor, hope so. I like having a woman doctor! I feel comfortable with her and safe. I haven't felt the same since our old doctor we had for years and years retired. She is a godsend for sure!