Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More hot air balloons, gardening news

Early the other morning, I opened the blinds above my kitchen sink and saw this. It actually was a little larger than the photo. I thought perhaps the hot air balloon was in the road behind our house so went outside for a better look.

no, not in the road but not far off either. I got up on the retaining wall and snapped this holding the camera over my head as the wall is a high one.

It was fun watching it fill up. After it was ready, the riders got into the basket. There were probably 4 plus the handler (not sure what they call the one who has the controls)..then I watched it as it slowly rose and went north from us. At one point it was over our house.

This has become a common occurrence in the field. Evidently it's a popular spot for taking off.
Meanwhile down on earth, Alan completed the last raised bed and we put strawberry plants in it. We won't get alot of berries this year but it will be a start.

 Below are the other beds we put in last year. Now if we can get the grass mats in, we'll be all set. We have tomatoes, corn, beans, beets, potatoes and onions planted. We've been really enjoying the beet greens the last two nights, just yum. If you've never cooked beet greens, they are absolutely delicious. I just clean and steam them, and drizzle on a little red wine vinegar. Cook until they are tender, about 10 minutes or so. The beets are very good too. Gotta love beets as the entire plant is just wonderful. Full of good vitamins and minerals as well as being delicious. This is why we garden.

I'll be getting my new computer soon. My dear brother emailed me and said he was sending me funds to buy a new one! What a guy!!!

We found out yesterday about the Boston attack. Just such a terrible thing and our prayers are with those effected and their families. I pray  those responsible come to justice. The media, of course, is going crazy like they always do. All kinds of theories are being thrown around. We've decided just to ignore the media, let law enforcement do their jobs and pray for the truth to come out.