Monday, April 22, 2013

More improvements, and a new computer!

We're continuing working on the strawberry bed and Alan constructed this frame to go over the raised bed. The sun in the summer can be brutal. We later covered it with shade cloth. He used PVC pipe which worked really well. We had extra timber so he cut them into sections and you can see on the right the little border he came up with. I like it. We've never done much with this area of the back yard but its coming along nicely, I think.
Alan and the boys built the retaining wall  after we moved in, some 8 years ago now. Looking at it, its amazing that they accomplished so much. Our backyard was a gravel pit, before we moved in.

Here was the yard before we put in the raised beds, solar panels, clothes line,
etc. The little orange tree froze the second winter. Now it's been replaced by a peach and nectarine tree.
 The solar panels are wonderful and our electric bill has been running about .98 cents a month!

We had a job down in San Diego County and took the back country way home. This is looking down into Santee. There is much open land in California, once you get away from the crowded coast. Many people seem to think California is paved over and really crowded, but that's only on the coast.

I got a new computer this last Saturday and have been having  fun, figuring out how to use it. Its amazing how much easier it is now and these new computers are smaller too.Today I figured out how to load photos so I'll be posting again on a regular basis!

 and finally, for  this evening, a little kitty funnie, enjoy!