Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fairy Moss Gardens

I know this isn't a great photo..its very hard for my little digital camera to do close ups..but this is a moss garden I made about 2 weeks ago, using a glass cooky jar. Cyndy sent me a selection of moss and lichen from North Carolina. Her blog is called  By the Light of the Moon  She has a wonderfully beautiful blog so hope you will take a look after you're reading mine. She and her husband have moved to the woods of North Carolina and she sells moss and other forest goodies in her Etsy shop..which is also  called By the Light of the Moon...I spray the garden every other day or so with spring water to keep the moss happy and so far its all growing well. I used a orchid blend of organic soil, layered the bottom with stones for drainage. The days I water, I leave the lid off so it won't get too moist.
Moss and fairy gardens have become quite popular. Cyndi mails the moss, etc. out and it survives quite nicely. She mailed out a selection to school children in Arizona so they could experience what a woodland forest is like in their desert community.

Here is an example of one of the listings...Green Variety Fresh Forest Fairy Moss...there are others on Etsy who create accessories for fairy gardens such as this darling little Fairy Door

These type of gardens would be wonderful as a family project for children. I know you can't see it in my photo of ours but there is a wee little frog peaking out from a grotto of sorts.