Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stone Soup

I found a interesting website you might like to visit, its called Stone Soup and has healthy recipes most of which are only 5 ingredients. I am enjoying it and if you sign up, you will get a free Ebook with recipes too. What I like is that if you have allergies or other health food requirements, these recipes are quite flexible. As my husband is diabetic, we are always concerned with healthy recipes for him and its not easy to find them with everyone talking about bacon and carbs. Plus alot of recipes have tons of ingredients and frankly, I don't want to buy an expensive spice or something else for one recipe that we may or may not like.
 Today Jules talked about shaved salads which intriqued me. We love coleslaw and make it often but this recipe sounds really good too....Shaved Ham and SnowPea Salad..
she also speaks about different kitchen gadgets to use to get shaved vegetables and suggestions on how to use them. 

Just click on the above link for the recipe and also you can sign up!