Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Girls with pets, and a Giveaway Win

I recently listed the last of the Valentine postcards in Ebay. For the first time, one of my winning bidders was from outside the United States, in Austria. I was hesitant to send it to him but he was very gracious, paid for the extra shipping and he got the card in just a few days. Actually, the shipping wasn't bad at all. 
The proceeds from my Ebay and Etsy sales goes to helping us get things we need around our home. Last month, I made enough to get a new vacuum which we really needed. Our old one had died, and I was using a shop vacuum for inside which was alot more work. Next I'm saving for 4 new patio chairs for our little outdoor table. 
The above cards are my absolute favorites of the collection. I just love these sweet little girls and their pets. You are welcome to copy these onto your computer if you wish. The originals on for sale on Ebay

I also wanted to share that I won the January giveaway from Brenda ( The Rusty Thimble) I was delighted to get this wonderful cute primitive bunny.

This photo is one from the giveaway. she is so much cuter than the photo. Brenda has giveaways every month so if you haven't signed up for her February, you can find it here. 
My computer isn't letting me download photos right now. Sadness as I have so many I'd like to share. Hope to get this problem fixed soon, part of the reason I haven't posted as much. We had a hot air balloon fly overhead last week, and sky divers jumped from it. I got photos of that, plus a fabulous rainbow that I was able to photograph after a storm.