Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Tomatoes and more

The tomatoes are ripening now and we are getting quite a few...I've canned 12 pints of sauce so far and the above are slated for soup. We pick them as they start turning, bring them inside to ripen so the squirrels don't get them. Last year, our plants didn't do well and the fruit was very tiny. But with the raised beds, they are wonderful. We have one plant of giant ones, which are still green.

The weather here has been hot and a little humid all last week but the humidity broke over the weekend. Back to our normal warm and dry.

Our grandson Jayden will be one on August 15th! Here he is after enjoying a piece of red licorice.

I've been doing alot of cross stitching lately...special orders for two weddings. I'll post a photo when the latest one is finished. Its to go in the center of a wedding shower quilt. I used to do exclusively cross stitch but found the tiny stitches were getting harder and harder to see. Now I'm just using 11 and 14 ct. Aida cloth, thanking the Lord I don't have arthritis!

 We are so looking forward to the fall and cooler weather! Here is a little vintage graphic to  help us out...