Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summertime Wednesday

Like much of the country, we're having our share of warm weather. The tropical storm is slowly going away, leaving us still with some humidity. But it has cooled down some, back to our normal 80 to 90 degree weather. Yesterday, I hung our linen out to dry in the sun..there is nothing, and I mean nothing that compares to the scent of freshly dried sheets on the bed...
Grandpa Alan bought Jaydon a wonderful product that is still on the market. We had one for our son when he was little and now Jaydon has one..he loves it.
This is perfect for a year old and older..Jaydon will be a year old next month. The inner tube is connected with a onesie. We all watch him of course, but he loves to paddle around in the above ground pool. Alan bought it on Amazon...Walmart carries them also but believe it or not, they're more expensive than Amazon. He is almost ready to walk, and can stand on his own. Jaydon can use this innertube  until he's two or so.

I also wanted to share a wonderful website with so many very practical frugal ideas.....
Its called A Mum 'n the Oven... She is also on Facebook by the same name and shares so many handy tips...the one I used this week was something I (at 61) never thought of...
using the lid of a parmesan cheese container on a pint canning jar. I used the one I put together for baking soda..The lid fits perfectly. I usually get the biggest container of soda I can find as I use it not only in the kitchen but in the laundry.

The tip today, which I used also was to put a drop or two of essential oils in the cardboard insert of the toilet paper roll.....your bathroom  and nose will thank you for it....I put the only oil I had which was a holiday cinnamon scent but it works so well, I intend on getting some lemon or lavender which would be better.

Closing for today, I ask for prayer for Nancy Huggins...she is facing some health issues and needs our prayers. She goes in tomorrow for some heart related tests and will probably have some surgery on Friday. Praying for peace, healing and encouragement for her.