Monday, January 2, 2012


Our weather has been perfectly wonderful since around Christmas....the mountains that are north of us have been covered with snow for the last week or so.....this is Mt. San Jacinto..behind it is Palm Springs....there is a tram on the other side which we'd love to go on one of these days....our weather is what many people come for every winter..we get alot of "snow birds"...and why not?
I took down the tree today and did some needed dusting..being right by the main road through town..we get alot of road dust..our window sills are always dusty...feels good in a way to put the Christmas things away...and get things cleaned up a is always with us, isn't it?

We gave our DIL a giant 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle for Christmas and are helping her put it together on the dining room table...its huge and takes up much of it....Everyone who comes over has a hand in it and its a good family project....the puzzle is of the Las Vegas strip....Alan picked out the largest one he could find...
Yesterday and into last night, she and Alan worked and got most of the border done.......I used to absolutely loath jigsaw puzzles..just too tedious for me but since I've gotten older, I rather like them.......Alan likes to take local photographs and turn them into computer jig saw puzzles..he wondered if there would be a market for them?