Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A New Cookbook is coming out!

My dear friend, Nancy is putting together a celebrity cookbook....this  will be the second edition. She and her daughter published back in the 90s....a wonderful cookbook with many stars and celebrities contributing  favorite recipes...some of which were Bill Cosby, Dolly Parton, Paul Anka, Dave Thomas, and even Benny Hill....she is adding quite a few new recipes also from many contemporary stars......part of the proceeds will go to animal rescue and it will be professionally published........if  you would like to order a copy....its $24.99 and  you can contact her through her blog.....Inside Nana's Head... I've ordered my copy and hope you will do the same.....it will come out in March.

Our weather has been cold and rainy......wind too...nice day to stay inside...yesterday we had 3 jobs in San Diego county during the downpour.....rather miserable as the first job was doing a property with two  houses...with the wind blowing and rain pouring down..we both got a little chilled.......had to be careful also not getting any water or mud on the new carpeting....this was an escrow re key...the worst part was it was in a bad area of town ( Oceanside, Holly and Bush Sts. you readers who are familiar with the area know what I mean ) and the locks weren't very good.....hopefully the new owner will replace them. It took us close to two hours to finish and then we were off to the second job which wasn't near as bad...took us just 30 minutes to finish...what a difference good locks make!

The third job was a cash for keys...one of the most dirtiest houses I've ever been in....holes in walls, bad smells, stained carpeting, and the granite countertops were caked with dirt......a broken window also...and yet the old homeowner got cash. We had to replace several locks as the old ones were not working at all....the wind blowing through the house was so cold...
needless to say, we were glad to be finished and went inside Mickey D's for lunch and got warm. We enjoyed listening on the way back home to a reading of Robert Tanenbaum's" Escape" We've been listening to books on CDs for some time now and find it a great way to relax on long drives.....

Today the storm is clearing off and its supposed to get warmer......I decided to cook a chuck roast in the crock pot...one of Alan's favorites.....so better get to it instead of posting!