Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Agave Syrup...and some Fabulous Book Carving

I thought I'd say a little more about Agave syrup..we get ours at Costco...you get two large bottles and it lasts us for months...I like to use it to sweeten the granola I make, as well as other baking.....here is a website that gives  you lots of information about it....All About Agave...if you are a diabetic, please ok it with your doctor...and if course, as in everything, use it with moderation....it worked really well with the pecan pie..and was a good substitute for corn syrup.

I've noticed that C and H sugar is now making agave syrup also so you may find it in your grocery store....C and H also has recipes  which is always helpful.....you will find the flavor is close to honey in some ways...alot of people like it better than honey.....in fact, even if you don't have diabetic issues, its a good thing to use instead of light corn syrup as it has a low glycemic index and doesn't have the highs and crashes that sugar products can cause....and its completely organic and natural.

Our weather continues to be beautiful...in the 70s most days....we haven't been very busy so I've been doing alot of cleaning..with so many young people at the house and our grandson...there is always things to do....today I got the small shop vacuum  and went over our office, and hallway..cleaning the baseboards and wiping down woodwork. Yesterday, I scrubbed floors and washed the cabinets in the kitchen.  The house feels cleaner...

Before I go today, I wanted to share some wonderful book carving photos and the link where you can enjoy more...I had never heard of book carving until recently....I suppose this art has come about through book altered art...but what Guy Larrame does is incredible.
You can find alot more of his creations here..