Monday, September 4, 2017

Crochet and Rocking Horses

I crocheted two baby afghans some time ago. They were made with very soft baby yarn. Its an amazing yarn, so soft and warm.
The first one is a giant granny square...its done in white, green and blue.

I enjoy crocheting and will probably start doing it again. I still have my hooks and just need some yarn. Back in the early days, Alan and I made things to sell in a little gift shop. I made crocheted stuffed animals and he made rocking horses.....

The animals were something like this, I had alot of fun crocheting these and did sell quite  a few of them back in the day. Now they have so many cute patterns! Back then, it was much harder to find patterns as there was no internet. I'd buy crochet magazines and go to the library for pattens.

and Alan's horses were like this

I got these images from Google search, these aren't ours. We made ours back in the late 1970s. He would made the horses and I'd paint the features on them. He sold a few of these too. He made a miniature one also which I put out at Christmas time.

The second afghan I made is a ripple one. Its Alan's favorite pattern and is an easy one.

As you can see, its the same color and yarn as the first one/ This one is rather small though, I guess I may have run out of yarn. I think I may use it in my mom's doll buggy. Nice for a doll.

I do love the ripple pattern and thinking of making a large one for our living room. Afghans make nice gifts too.

 Another warm day here, but its getting cooler. Hopefully the fall is coming, Its been a long deary hot summer.We're slowly recovering from losing our nice house and garden. I have sure missed homegrown tomatoes and vegeables. Plus our dining room table, I didn't realize how much we used it and now, not having it is difficult. Praying about that, definitely!