Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Olive trees and Shop News

Thought I'd share what's outside of our little hole in the wall condo. These are olive trees and this time of year, they are really loaded with olives.

Olives have to be cured to be eatable. From last years rain, they are so loaded, it woud have been a shame to havethem  go to waste.

We found out to our joy that there were Italian people who harvest these every year. One group came a few weeks ago and then yesterday another group came. They gather the olives, gallon buckets of them and take them home to cure.

Alan spoke with them and they invited him to help them which he did. He found out that they knew some of the Italian contracters we befriended in our old town of Vista, California. In fact, one of the men had the same last name so they could have been related. Small world!

I guess we're starting to get adjusted to being here. Its hard to go from a 4 bedroom home with a huge garden and yard to a tiny condo. For some time, its felt like we're just visiting or on vacation. God's ways are not our ways but His ways are always the best.

I've been slowly restocking my Etsy shop. Making alot of fabric tags for the holidays.

I will be listing more in the next few weeks and months. Not just tags either, some new cards, towels and wall hangings. Hopefully by next year, I'll be back on track. It takes alot of time to get organized!