Saturday, August 5, 2017

More Quilts

I have the two quilts, I had posted about to show you..

The first is my great grandmothers..she was born  in 1864.

The quilt was made from dress material from the 1930s when she visited my grandparents...I believe the pattern is 9 patch but I could be mistaken. Its bound nicely with red fabric and is in fairly good condition for its age.

The second quilt, my grandmother made..she was born in Iowa from German immigrants who came over in 1850. They spoke German in the home. She was born in 1888 in Ottumwa. Having done some research, I found the family farm in that town. Its on the outskirts and still has a farmhouse on it. I'd love to go one day and see it. There is farm land there too but from the Google site, it doesn't look like its been farmed in some time.

Its done in pink and green and is in great conditon but the binding in some sides is worn. This would fit the top of a queen bed. The other quilts I've shown are better for a full.My grandparents had one on their bed and one in the guest bedroom. I remember sleeping on the floor in the guest room when I was little and later slept in a bedroom in the basement of the house when I was older. The basement was creepy for me but as I got older, it was fine. The creeking of the floor joists was the worst!

Grandma also did alot of crochet work. She was always making doilies and used them in the living room on the chairs and sofa. I am lucky enough to inherit those too. She crocheted a beautiful tablecloth which my brother has. I plan on giving him some of the doilies too if he wants them.

Here are a few photos of my  great grandparents, the German immigrants,

This is my great grandparents on my mothers side, Henry Wagner and his wife, Laura Alice. Henry arrived in the US with two brothers, and then went back to German tofind  his wife. They were farmers, just look at his shoes!

Here is my grandma when she graduated from high school
she made the pink and green quilt...