Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Old Desk

My husband is so wonderful with woodworking. Our son brought this old desk  home and I thought it would be useful inside our front door. However, the drop down cabinet was broken and the shelf inside wasn't fitting right. It was also scratched badly on the outside. 

We have a ton and a half of DVDs, and I thought the bottom would be great for the overflow. 

He took it out to the garage and started working on it. He said whoever made it didnt do a good job, that the bottom inside shelf was measured incorrectly hence the  drop down wouldn't fit right. He replaced the bottom shelf and put new hinges and a new catch on the door.  Plus he sanded the entire desk down and painted it. 

What a difference!

It looks 100% better and so useful with the DVDs

I tried to arrange them according to subject but you know how that goes with an active family. But at least they will be able to go through  them easily.. This is just a small sample of the ones we have. I went through them and have  taken some out for our garage sale. I still have about another 100 to go through!

What do you think of his handiwork? I think he did a wonderful job, turning something that should go with the trash to a useful item. 

Of course, I have to hang some of my stitchery above it!