Thursday, April 7, 2016

Our garden

Spring has officially been called for us and we've been really busy adding, cultivating and working in our yard.
We went to our local nursery and got a nice new fruit tree. Its a Superior Plum and we both hope its a good one.

Alan dug a huge hole and we planted it the other day.

As you can see, no more lawn but its a work in progress. The tree is doing well and we're both hopeful it will be a good fit with the other fruit trees in the yard. We have  peach, nectarine, fig and Valencia orange trees.

We also planted our raised beds with green beans, summer squash and tomatoes. This year we're just planting what from experience, we know does well for us. I can hardly wait to bite into a nice ripe homegrown tomato.  Our grandson, Jayden helped! I'm so blest to be able to pass on the love of gardening with him. My grandfather did the same for me.