Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Friday

I just listed two more of the floral cards, this is get well card done with orange roses. These really pop and my photo doesn't do it justice. I've had a wonderful time stitching these and I  do hope others like them.

The second card is a birthday one. Always nice to send or give someone a unique card.

On this one, I embellished it with some burlap flowers with a little bling. Pink and copper flowers.
You can find these in my Etsy shop at Sweet Home Stitchery

We've been busy and our garden is doing really well. We have some baby zucchini coming and the carrots are coming up. All the tomato plants are getting huge and have flowers so we're  hoping for some tomatoes soon.
Our weather has been on the cool side for Southern California. In the 60s most days and we've had alot of wind, up to 40 mph. at times. It seems like all the dry leaves from last fall have been blown in to our front yard and it seemed strange to be racking leaves in April. Many dry branches have been blown down from the trees too. Jayden and I made a game of it, picking them all up. we filled the dumpster with leaves and branches, so next week will be another one of working on the front lawn. 
Lots of weeds and bare patches to work on. Thankfully its not a large area.
Our yard is shared with the neighbor and our lot is like pie slice. Narrow in the front and large in the back. Our neighbor is a single mom and has asked us to take care of the shared lawn.

Our locksmith business which in the past has been great, is very slow right now. We haven't had but maybe two jobs this month. So we're trying to come up with some ways to supplement our social security. My embroidery is one of those, plus Alan has been selling things on Ebay. Right now he's selling mailbox locks, the post office is no longer putting new locks in the communal mailboxes. They also have a certain type they approve which Alan is selling. You normally can't find these at the big box stores.  Here is his listings if you know anyone who needs a mail box lock. Proe_designer
The link for my shop is above under the card photo. Thanks so much as we struggle every month, it seems to get the bills paid and food on the table. Times are tough. God supplies our needs.

And finally, a little fun...