Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday Cards

  I took a break from posting during the holidays. We had some sickness in the house, colds and now something like the flu. Although Alan and I got flu shots, the rest of the crew didn't so they're fighting the bug. Poor baby Jayden has had a fever and a runny nose. Its hard when the babies get sick, isn't it?
This last week, we were rekeying a condo, I walked out the front door, and missed one step, fell into a bush and then the sidewalk. Nothing broken but I've been stiff and sore ever since. I'm feeling somewhat better today, but my left ankle is tender yet. I always credit my dear mother for insisting I drink my milk when I was a child as my bones are still very strong.

The above card is one of several I've been working on...this one comes with a matching bookmark.

                         I hope everyone had a good Christmas season!. Ours was a simple one this year.