Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday, Monday

I'm still working on my family tree and am constantly amazed of what I can find online. I just found this photo of one of my great aunts that I never met in person. She looks like she'd be fun to know. One of my grandmothers sisters.
I also found an absolutely gorgeous photo of my grandmother...which is below. Isn't she pretty?

We also got several more Find a Grave assignments over the weekend. The first one was disappointing as it was a hot hot day and we walked forever. Never did find the gravesite and today when Alan called the cemetery office, we were informed there was no stone at the grave. Rather sad.
The second one, which we went to this morning, was easy to find and only took a few minutes. Got a nice message back from the family too.

We 've also been enjoying our garden harvests. Yesterday we picked a mess of green beans and had  them for tender and delicious. Not stringy or tough like you buy at the store. We're continuing to enjoy the potatoes we dug up too and I only wish we had planted more of them. They have a buttery taste with no butter!

Our roses have stopped blooming for the most part with the oncoming hot season but I did manage to find a few pretty ones. They'll shut down now until the fall when it gets cooler. 

I finally found the tiny fairy lights that had gotten mislaid, these run on a battery so I put them in with the summer arrangement of the washboard. I'm not sure if you can see the lights or not.
and now for a funny!!!