Thursday, June 6, 2013

I was wrong!

What we thought was a watermelon is now revealed that its a pumpkin!

This is very great news for us as pumpkins here are very expensive come October time. This one looks like it will be at least 10 lbs. Which would probably be close to $10 or more here. There are several more coming too.
The potatoes were harvested today and we enjoyed baby ones this evening, I steamed them and then sliced and browned them in a pan with some butter..WOW! just delicious. Had them with some grilled Italian sausage and a 3 bean salad.  Alan harvested all the carrots also so tomorrow I'll do something with them.
We'll be coming into our hot season, it usually starts this month through October, time for grilling and hot weather meals.  We grill outside, but sometimes use the Foreman grill inside when we don't want to go to the trouble of starting charcoal. We got a new one this last year and I personally love it. I've grilled everything from hamburgers to fish to chicken on it and it always comes out perfect.
Yesterday, I fixed Tuna Croquettes after watching Good Eats with Alton  Brown.  They were wonderful and I highly recommend this for a nice summer meal. Here is the video of the recipe.