Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday Chat

Here is a little collage that my DIL made of our grandson, cute little guy..he will be 2 in August.

I especially like the one at the Oceanside pier in the background. Its progression with his newborn photo up to one taken last week. She did it with her phone..these new phones are amazing!

Our weather has really warmed up and we've been working, getting our raised beds planted. Yesterday, we went out to our favorite nursery and got 8 heirloom tomato plants.

We love to go out there, especially now as its the perfect weather, in the high 60s, low 70s. Walking through the different areas, its very soothing and beautiful.

We've been doing ALOT of weeding. With all the rain this winter, the weeds took control. We still have a bit to do but are getting it completely bit by bit. These photos I got from their website, Louies Nursery..
The link goes to their blog which I found really informative for everyone. Lots of good stuff.
Please pray for Nancy. She and her husband are having difficulties right now. I won't get into the details but she needs our prayers. They will be moving this weekend and there are forecasts of snow. She is mostly worried about her dogs getting loose, either on the road or after they get to the motel. Please also pray for Billy as he can get confused driving. You can read a little more about what is going on, on her blog, Inside Nana's Head .