Monday, November 12, 2012

Deviled Eggs

One of our traditions at Thanksgiving are deviled eggs..why? I don't really know but my mom would always have them, as well as relishes, pickles, and olives heaped in little dishes and plates. Somewhere back in the family, I am thinking my German grandmother, the "seven sours and seven sweets" must have made a showing and hence we have deviled eggs today. There are many recipes for deviled eggs so I won't bore you with mine. Its just a smidge of this and that..mainly a little mayonnaise, dry mustard, and a hint of horseradish.
I ran into this darling deviled egg dish and have it in my Etsy shop for sale. Its unusual in that there is an embossed design in the center of a poinsettia. I've never seen one like it.
The lucky person who buys it will also get for free, this cute little dish that could be used for those olives, pickles or relishes.
I'm not sure where I got this, it just appeared in the china cabinet one day. But I think its rather cute...I like the handles...

If you'd like this set, please order it soon as Thanksgiving is coming fast it seems. You'll find the egg platter in my shop, Inspiration Memories...let me know that you read about it here and I will be sure to add the second plate at no cost. This is only for my blog readers.