Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Chat about a number of things


sorry I haven't posted very much...hot days of summer and not much going on. Except of course, for canning tomatoes and tomato soup. Constant cleaning up with the baby learning to eat on his own....we're all trying to teach him not to put everything he finds in his mouth but hand it to whatever grownup is around...he remembers about half the time which I think is good for a one year old. He's also talking somewhat, says mama and da da, bye bye, dog, and ka which is for cat. He also waves bye bye and understand alot more words now. The doctor thinks he is a little advanced probably because he gets much attention with so many in the house. His uncles (our younger son and our boarder) play with him and their girlfriends (his "aunts") give him alot of attention too. Plus us doting grandparents and his parents of course.
He's taken a few steps on his own and will be walking soon...then the fun begins trying to keep up with him (as we all well know.)

I've been trading with Nancy Huggins and she sent me this wonderful raggedy runner which is on our dining room table...I am giving her some of my embroidered towels and a stitchery or two in exchange...

Plus I've started cross stitching again and am making a wedding announcement stitchery for Nancy's granddaughter who is getting married. Cross stitching is my first love..its hard now to have time or space to do more than stitch here or there with the baby but I'm slowly getting it done.
I had a subscription to Cross Stitch Country  magazine and have kept every one plus Nancy sent me more she found at a thrift shop...I just love the darling country designs. Back in the 80s counted cross stitch was very popular and I hope it comes back into favor again...

Lastly...we are getting solar panels! and for free...(no, its not a government handout ) we can hardly believe it as we'd tried before and the cost was too high. I will tell you more about it later as we find out more but it looks good so far. California Edison is going to be raising their rates next year and again in 2014 to over 28% more per month...we will be able to save quite a bit of money by doing this and will be on a set rate...somewhere around $130 a month, winter and summer. Plus for a little extra on our part, we can put a switch in that will allow us to  use the solar energy directly in case of a power outage.

The world is getting to be a rather scary place so we're trying to prepare our family..both physically with growing our own food, getting solar power, etc. but spiritually as well. I think our country needs a new president but even if that happens, times will be tough for some time...there are no quick fixes as the country's problems are deep and wide. Christians are becoming increasingly marginalized and ridiculed for the media but the  people are fighting back which is evidenced by the whole Chic-Fil-A controversy.
This gives me hope that we will be alright.  Please vote this election, its so important!