Tuesday, July 17, 2018

House Pics Before

As I said yesterday, here are some photos of the backyard. Not very pretty and a real mess. All overgrown and negelected for years. Trees wee ;planted right next to the chain link so the trees grew into the fence.

We removed all the trees except the far left one as its  not too close fence, The entire fence leaned over from the weight of the trees. With the escavator, our son pushed the fence up to where it should be which really make a difference. Now we just have to figure out how to get the wood out of the fence. It might be iinpossible  In that case, its new chain link.. We're also considering a retraining wall as the property behind us is higher. The former owners also planted ivy which wss really taking over both our yard but our neighbors. We're removing it, of course. WE have removed some of it.

In the left corner of the property, was a huge agave and other assorted plants.

Our son tried to chop it out but found out he's allergic to agave juice!. He broke out on his arms so he used the excavator and dug this all out. We're going to put in a new rebuilt shed.

The shed is now in pieces and we're working on moving the gate back about 10 ft, so his truck will fit.

so you can see  how busy its been ,;plus its been about 100 degrees every day.
Our plans are to have some raised beds for vegetables and we did ;plant a orange tree already. We're going to redo the patio also. The slab is cracked in several pieces but that's a future project.

and finally,

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