Monday, December 11, 2017

Peanut butter, cookies and the Christmas house

I get Birds and Blooms magazine. When I read the latest issue, they suggested putting peanut butter on the bark of the tree for the birds. As we get alot of migrating birds here, I decided to try it. My! has it been successful or what? This morning I saw alot of birds feasting on the peanut butter so I recommend doing this as its so easy and the birds sure appreciate it. They were actually fighting for first place!

I'm in the middle of baking peanut butter cookies. Our oldest son just loves them and often asks me to make him some. This time of year seems like cooky baking time to me so there ya go! I always use real butter in my cookies. It really makes a difference.

Here is a photo of the 4 of us at the Christmas house I spoke of in my last post. I'm next to the big guy who looks like Santa. Our good friends and we had a wonderful time there.

here are a few photos...

 They have Christmas villages both inside and outside. Plus give out hot apple cider and food . They only ask for canned goods for our Community Cupboard to help low income people. Last year they were able to give the Cupboard 10,000 lbs of food.