Sunday, December 3, 2017

Menifee Christmas House and a great loss.

Every year, a wonderful family here in Menifee, decoate the first floor of their home for their neighbors and friends. They estimate they have had 14,000 visitors last year. Its truly a wonderful thing and creates such a great spirit in the community. There is no charge and they only ask for people to bring canned goods for the Community Cupboard that helps low income people with food. Its all good will and good times.
There is a complete write up of it, much better than I've expressed. Just click on this link..

Menifee Christmas House 

and you can also view a terrific video here....Menifee Christmas house video

If you are in the area, please visit and you won't be disappointed. Its open every night until Christmas and starts at 5 every evening.

We are mourning the death of a wonderful friend. He was a great guy and was someone immediately became friends with everyone. Warm, generous, and caring man. He left this earth doing good all his life and will be greatly missed. Sadly, Agent Orange struck again as he was a veteran of Vietnam.
Rest in peace, dear brother and good friend, Joseph Balatoni. One of a kind and too good for this world
Here he is with his wife, Kay (of many years and my best friend). He leaves behind his wife and 4 children, one grandchild and other family members.