Friday, January 22, 2016

January in the Homestead

I've been busy trying to get my little Etsy shop restocked after the holidays. I got a nice sale and sold out of several cards so am working on restocking. This little Matryoska Doll card is the latest, I listed it today.

                       I also got another Shih Tzu puppy is in the shop too, he is a favorite.

            You might wonder where I take the photos, the vintage radio is my favorite location!

                                          and yes, it does work. Quite well, in fact. We bought it from a retired gentleman who refurbishes vintage radios with new parts. They live again!

Our weather is warm right now, in the 70s most days but we are getting rain occasionally. Everyone here hopes for more, of course, with our drought. The water district has cut our outdoor water usage 70%!.
We covered our little new orange tree with shade cloth and it seems to be doing well, in spite of some freezing nights. Alan talked to a landscaper who suggested we use the shade cloth as plastic would get too  hot with our warmer days.
Of course, like many of you, we're getting our seed catalogs in. Such fun to look at all the beautiful photos and seed selections!

The new puppy has grown and doing well. Bella is now around 5 months old and full of energy. The older dogs have accepted her and she's one of the pack now. Kingston who is the elder is her big brother and plays with her. Jackson the rat terrier, also a senior is the Alpha dog and Bella follows him around like a shadow. He's teaching her his ways.

                                                          She's like a miniature pit bull.

Jayden our grandson is now over 4 years old and getting ready for school. Hard to believe!

Here he is holding a fish he and his dad caught at one of our local lakes. I believe this is a sun fish. Yes, Southern California does have lakes. Most of them are man made but we do have one here that is natural, that's Lake Henshaw.
That's about all for today. I hope you will visit my Etsy shop. Our locksmith business hasn't been very busy so my sales help us buy food and other necessities.