Monday, January 4, 2016

A New Year

  Happy 2016!

Opening a new year, I wanted to let you know my friend, Nancy Huggins has a Go Fund page to help she and her husband move out of a meth infested town. Her dogs have been threatened and a neighbors cat was shot and killed. They didn't realize what a bad place it was when they moved in and they're desperate to move into a neighboring larger town with a good law force and more healthy living, both for them and also their rescues.Any donation, small or great is most appreciated.

They want to buy a home, however, they've also been victims of identity theft which takes time to resolve. When it rains, it pours or so it seems. Her husband is also a veteran and in poor health. This stress has taken a toll.

Her Go Fund Page is here  please help if you can!

I opened my Etsy shop and have listed a few new cards. I had alot of fun making these and hope you enjoy them.

The first one is called Rose Trellis and was a challenge.

      It looks absolutely gorgeous and the photo doesn't do it justice.

The second new pattern is a poodle with a continental clip. For fun I made the dog pink.

 A pink poodle!

                   I backed it with a floral pattern and I think she's proud of her new look.

The third new pattern are these sunflowers. Much brighter than pictured and another of my
favorites.  I took the pics last night with not the best lighting. Sorry about that. Taking pics with a tablet is hit and miss. I hope to do better in the future.
Lastly, one that was sold some time ago and I've relisted it.

                     Strawberry Thieves

I'm continuing to stitch more cards, and replace ones that have sold. I have another one ready to stitch, my best seller, The Shih Tzu puppy.


That's about all for today. We're expecting a big rain storm tomorrow so I and Alan worked outside this morning to weather proof the patio and backyard. He raked up leaves and I did alot of sweeping. Picked up all the toys that our grandson left and got things ready for the flood.

Wishing you and yours a very happy and healthy new 2016!