Friday, March 20, 2015

Our Trio Giveaway

The Crafting Trio is having our March giveaway and there are going to be 3 winners. Above is the one that I'm giving away, this cute Yorkie puppy card. There are two other items being given away so I hope you go sign up as there will be 3 winners. Just chose which of the items you;d like and sign up! You can also find this card in my Etsy shop as I've made several.
Another card that is just listed is this Shih Tzu

These cards are not found anywhere else right now so if you want something unique and not the ordinary, please check out my shop. I'm working on some other ones now, old fashioned vintage transport, a penny farthing bike, a old time auto and a biplane. I thought they'd be nice for Fathers Day.

If you have problems entering the giveaway, just leave a comment here and I will count you in. For some reason, only Google + people seem to be able to enter. I've reported the problem.