Monday, March 9, 2015

Garden News, and New Listings

The nectarine tree is loaded with blossoms. It does every year but never seems to set much fruit. I'm not sure if its birds or just bad luck. But since its such a pretty little tree, we enjoy it anyway. The french isis hasn't bloomed yet this year. I look every day for any buds but so far no.

                      We cooked beet greens last night and they were yummy. First greens of the season,
and the strawberries are blooming and have green berries that will be ripe in a few days.

The weather has been wonderful, warm and sunny. We've had a few winter rain storms which are so needed and the hills are covered in wild flowers. Below are lupine.

                                                               Its a great time of year!

  I've also listed a few new things in my Etsy shop....two puppy cards and a wall hanging...

Plus our Trio Blog will be having a March giveaway very soon. I hope you will all sign up for it. I'm giving away another candle mat and this one will reflect the time of year with a big sunflower!